State Fleet Begins Evaluation Of Natural Gas Vehicles


This week, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) kicked off a pilot program that will evaluate how compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles perform in everyday operations.

TxDOT is acquiring four Ford F-250 trucks that run on CNG and will use the vehicles in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area to determine whether a natural-gas-powered fleet is a viable option. Part of that assessment will involve refueling the trucks at CNG stations that are currently in operation to see if that infrastructure is sufficient.

‘As an agency with one of the largest fleets and most miles traveled, it's incumbent upon TxDOT to find more efficient ways to do business, yet still provide Texans with exceptional service,’ says state transportation commissioner Bill Meadows. ‘Natural gas is an abundant resource in the Lone Star State that has enormous potential for our state's future.’

TxDOT says it will evaluate the success of the program and determine if additional NGVs will be purchased.

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