Siemens Launches New Line Of EV Charging Stations


Siemens Energy Inc. has launched a new line of electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations. The new product line includes solutions for residential, public and commercial applications, including integration into the smart grid.

Siemens' Underwriters Laboratories-listed EV supply equipment line includes wall-mountable, community multilevel and community multilevel II models. The company's wall-mountable charging station is a 7.2 kW single-output station designed for residential and light commercial applications.

Siemens' public outdoor charging stations will be available in single Level II and multilevel designs. The multilevel charging stations incorporate a dual power output configuration, allowing both Level I and Level II outputs to deliver energy simultaneously, the company explains.

Siemens' EV charging stations will offer Coulomb Technologies' ChargePoint Network, a software system that is open to all drivers of plug-in vehicles. The ChargePoint Network provides Siemens charging-station owners remote management, flexible billing, fleet management, maintenance and other on-demand software applications. Each unit is equipped with an ANSI C12 communications compliant meter. By incorporating connectivity options, metering capabilities and an open architecture, Siemens' EV charging stations can be integrated into the smart grid, the company notes.


SOURCE: Siemens Energy

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