Saval Foodservice Deploying Freightliner CNG Trucks In Fleet


Saval Foodservice, a food distributor based in Maryland, is working with Ultimate CNG LLC to add two compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks to its fleet. These Freightliner trucks will serve Saval customers in Maryland and Virginia.

Ultimate CNG offers the FuelMule, a self-contained, mobile CNG station that delivers natural gas to fleet sites. The mobile station, which features an on-board storage capacity of 550 diesel-gallon equivalent (DGE), uses fast-fill technology to dispense 11 DGE per minute at 3,600 PSI.

‘With the FuelMule, we were able to immediately introduce clean natural gas vehicles into our fleet without the need to add expensive infrastructure,’ says Paul Saval, president and CEO of Saval. ‘Saval Foods is pleased to be at the forefront of a move to cleaner alternative fuel.’

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