Ryder’s Flex-to-Green Lease Program Gives Fleet Customer NGV Option


Ryder System Inc. has signed a Flex-to-Green lease agreement with Source Interlink Companies Inc. for seven diesel-powered vehicles. Ryder says this is its first customer to participate in the program, which the company launched in September 2011.

The Flex-to-Green lease will allow Source Interlink to exchange these diesel models for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and, in effect, trial-run alternative fuels in its fleet. The publisher and media-distribution company manages of fleet of more than 300 units.

‘The option of using a cheaper and readily available fuel supply such as natural gas to power our vehicles and mitigate fuel costs is an attractive avenue we'd like to explore,’ says Jim Tate, senior vice president of operations in Source Interlink's distribution business unit.

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