Renewable Natural Gas Powering Dairy’s Fleet Of Compressed Natural Gas Trucks


AMP Americas says its fleet of 42 compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks, which the firm manages in concert with dairy company Fair Oaks Farms, is now running on renewable natural gas.

The renewable CNG is derived from manure that is sourced from the dairy itself and produced via an anaerobic digestion process. Mark Maloney, AMP's director of business development, tells NGT News that the agricultural digester yields enough natural gas to supply the entire fleet's needs, but some of the gas is diverted to AMP's pair of public-access, fast-fill CNG refueling stations in Indiana.

Fair Oaks Farms uses the trucks to deliver milk to customers throughout the Midwest, racking up more than 20,000 miles daily across the fleet.

‘The dairy industry has been very happy with the project,’ Maloney says. ‘It's a beneficial use for the manure waste that is prevalent on these farms.’

One piece of AMP Americas' business strategy is to replicate the Fair Oaks Farms model among other dairy companies. The company is planning on building, in partnership with Trillium CNG, additional CNG stations in the Midwest and South (Texas, in particular) to accommodate growth in the number of fleets using renewable natural gas to power their Class 8 trucks.

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