Renewable Energy Group Now Offering Biodiesel At N.M. Terminal


Renewable Energy Group (REG) has announced that biodiesel is now available via truckload at its new terminal, located in Clovis, N.M.

The company reports that the terminal's first truckload of biodiesel was recently picked up by Colorado Petroleum – also known as Arizona Petroleum – for blending at its Tucson, Ariz., location.

‘We are proud to offer regional petroleum distributors, co-ops, terminals and petroleum refiners high-quality biodiesel from the REG Clovis terminal immediately,’ says Gary Haer, vice president of sales and marketing. ‘Colorado Petroleum and Arizona Petroleum Products Co. have been advocates for biodiesel utilization for many years. We are proud to work with distributors like Colorado Petroleum to increase biodiesel availability in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Texas.’

According to the company, REG-9000 branded biodiesel, available at the Clovis site, is produced from natural oils, fats and greases and meets or exceeds ASTM quality specifications for biodiesel.

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