Raleigh PD’s Propane Autogas Fleet Gets Bigger


The police force in Raleigh, N.C., will be expanding its use of alternative fuels with the addition of 30 propane autogas vehicles. The city's police department already operates 20 cruisers that run on propane.

Police Capt. Doug Brugger told the News & Observer (Raleigh) that propane ‘has become so commonplace here, it's not even an issue.’ The first autogas-powered vehicles rolled out within the department in 2011, and fuel savings have exceeded $125,000 since then – that figure excludes another $46,000 that the city has saved thanks to the federal excise tax credit on alternative fuels.

All of Raleigh's propane autogas vehicles are gasoline/autogas bi-fuel units. Conversions for the latest complement of 30 vehicles will cost about $195,000.

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