Quantum Makes First Delivery Of Hybrid F-150 To Florida Utility


Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. has announced that it has delivered the first pilot version of its plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) F-150 pickup truck to Florida Power & Light Co., in association with Dow Kokam, the lithium-ion battery system supplier for the PHEV F-150.

‘We are pleased to announce the first delivery of this exciting plug-in hybrid electric F-150 truck,’ says Brian Olson, CEO of Quantum. ‘In partnership with Dow Kokam, we have developed a truly innovative, unique and durable solution that provides significant advantages for fleets and utilities looking to substantially reduce their operating costs as well as their carbon footprint.’

The PHEV F-150 is powered by Quantum's F-Drive parallel drive system, which the company says allows the truck to run the first 35 miles on an all-electric mode before switching to a hybrid drive mode.

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