Quantum Introduces Q-Lite Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel Storage System


Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. has debuted its new Q-Lite natural gas storage technology, aimed at transportation applications including medium-duty vehicles and heavy-duty long-haul trucking.

According to Quantum, Q-Lite systems have been ‘optimized to maximize vehicle range by means of dematerialization and application of new-generation materials.’

‘The Q-Lite technology is the first in a planned series of advanced fuel system technologies enabling broader-scale adoption through lighter weight and more robust storage systems,’ comments Brian Olson, Quantum's president and CEO.

The company says the storage technology includes a one-piece liner system, ‘new generation’ shock absorbers and a ‘highly optimized corrosion- and fatigue-resistant structural shell’ that uses high-strength aluminum fittings. The composite cylinder is designed to provide substantial weight reduction and increased fuel storage capacity in a package that can be integrated on vehicles using simple, lightweight brackets.

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