Public Safety and Pickup Fleet Shift to Propane Autogas


The City of Springfield, Ill., in partnership with CleanFUEL USA, has converted two dozen police patrol cars and pickup trucks to run on propane autogas.

Bill McCarty, the city's director of budget and management, expects to save more than $80,000 in fuel costs during the first year that the propane vehicles are in operation.

‘Transitioning our fleet to propane autogas was an extremely easy decision to make because we are saving taxpayer dollars, improving the environment through cleaner auto emissions and supporting a domestically produced fuel source,’ he said.

To support the new vehicles, CleanFUEL USA installed city-owned autogas refueling equipment, including a CFT Pro 2100 autogas dispenser.

City officials intend to monitor the initial deployment of propane vehicles and will consider adding more vehicles in the future.

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