Propane Autogas Dispensers Receiving Metering Enhancements


Superior Energy Systems is now integrating Micro Motion Coriolis mass flow meters from Emerson Process Management into its PRO-Vend 1000, 2000 and Dual Hose propane autogas dispensers.

The company says the Emerson products help deliver more accurate long-term fuel measurement compared to mechanical meters, as mass flow meters minimize the amount of unaccounted fuel that slips through worn moving parts of mechanical meters.

Mass flow meters work by introducing Coriolis force into the flow stream of a fuel dispenser, then measuring liquid flow by detecting the resulting change in fluid momentum. By directly measuring the mass flow, no volume corrections are needed to account for fluid variables.

‘Mass flow metering technology is heavily used in compressed natural gas dispensers and is long overdue in the propane autogas market,’ says Jim Bunsey, director of operations, at Superior Energy Systems. ‘We're adding it to several of our top-selling dispensers while maintaining our competitive pricing.’

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