Power Solutions International Debuts 8.8-Liter Hybrid System


Power Solutions International Inc. (PSI) has introduced its latest product for the on-road clean-vehicle market, the newly designed and engineered 8.8-Liter Gas-Hybrid System.

According to the company, the offering extends PSI's cleantech engine line beyond Class 4 and 5 vehicles to Class 6 and 7 applications. The system's technology relies on an electric motor to do most of the transient work so that engines consistently run in an efficient state, adds Don Wilkins, PSI's vice president of advanced product development.

The elimination of transient torque enables applications like refuse trucks and buses to downsize from larger engines to the more fuel-efficient 8.8-Liter, and Wilkins says PSI has integrated a 120 kW electric motor/generator to the engine to combine strong acceleration with improved fuel economy.

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