Police Fleet Expo: Gun Racks, Sirens and Propane Autogas


Among the products and services in the spotlight during the Police Fleet Expo in Ft. Worth last week was propane autogas – an alternative fuel that is being increasingly adopted by a number of police departments to help reduce fleet fuel costs.

The Propane Council of Texas was at the event with a contingent of experts who were touting the group's ‘Propane Autogas: Fueling Texas’ campaign. A bi-fuel propane Ford F-150 provided by Northwest Propane was a part of the exhibit, enabling law enforcement officers and public safety officials to see the vehicle and inquire about the use of autogas in fleet operations.

‘Law enforcement fleets are fueling with propane autogas because it's dependable, reliable and safe,’ said Jackie Mason, education and marketing director of the Propane Council of Texas.

In addition to several OEM options, EPA-certified conversion kits are available for both older and newer vehicle models, including the Ford Crown Victoria, Chevy Tahoe and Chevy Impala, the group says. More than 700 autogas fueling stations are available in Texas to support a fleet's propane refueling needs.

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