Pittsburgh Cab Company Shifting Fleet Vehicles To Propane Autogas


Yellow Cab of Pittsburgh, a division of the Pittsburgh Transportation Group (PTG), will soon begin converting 55 of its 335 cabs to run on propane autogas.

Jamie Campolongo, president of PTG, tells NGT News that the company recently received local permits to commence the construction of on-site autogas refueling infrastructure. The tank and pumps, which will be installed by New York-based American Alternative Fuel, should be ready by the end of June, he says.

The vehicle conversion themselves will be handled by the company's own 18 technicians, he adds. American Alternative Fuel trained the techs to perform the conversions.

‘Besides reducing pollution, the conversions will also provide a significant savings to our drivers, who lease the cabs and must pay for their own fuel,’ Campolongo said in a statement. ‘With the current price of gasoline, we're talking a savings of about $1.40 a gallon. That could be as much as $2,300 a year or more.’

The parent company of PTG is Veolia Transportation, which recently announced plans to roll out autogas-powered taxis in Denver and Baltimore.

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