P&G Converting Forklift Fleets To Hydrogen Fuel Cells


The Procter & Gamble Co. says it will soon begin converting its forklift fleets at three facilities from battery power to hydrogen fuel cells. Plug Power Inc. is supplying the new technology.

The first three sites – one each in California, North Carolina and Louisiana – will collectively use 200 forklifts powered with hydrogen fuel cells, P&G says. The company is examining the possibility of expanding the initiative to other sites.

‘Our internal analysis shows that we can not only achieve the sustainability benefits, but can also achieve an attractive rate of return on our investment at the same time,’ says P&G's Stefano Zenezini.

According to P&G, the fuel cells enable the vehicles to sustain their power over an entire shift, require less routine maintenance and are faster to refuel, taking about two minutes to replenish with high-pressure hydrogen.

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