PeopleNet Tech Enables Apples-To-Apples NGV Analysis


PeopleNet, a company specializing in mobile communications systems for fleet management, says it is offering reporting capabilities for compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles.

The company says its telematics solution allows fleet managers to easily compare the fuel use and efficiency of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) against traditional diesel-powered vehicles by translating pounds of CNG or LNG to diesel equivalent gallons. The addition of this NGV-specific reporting functionality helps simplify the management of a mixed fleet, according to PeopleNet.

‘Without this conversion data, we'd be hard-pressed to handle these time-consuming calculations,’ comments Mike DelBovo, president of Saddle Creek Transportation. His company is among the first to use the PeopleNet tool to support a rollout of NGVs.

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