Pennsylvania Lawmaker Proposing New Incentives For Natural Gas Vehicles


Pennsylvania State Rep. Seth Grove is introducing new legislation aimed at creating tax credits for fleets and other commercial entities that are converting vehicles to run on natural gas.

Grove's office says the proposed three-year program, via H.B.2620, would give tax credits of up to $12,500 for each heavy-duty natural gas vehicle (NGV) purchased. The bill must first be taken up by the Pennsylvania House Finance Committee.

‘By encouraging businesses to invest in natural gas vehicles, we will be laying the groundwork to support natural gas fueling stations throughout the state,’ Grove said in a statement. ‘Once these are in place, we will start to see NGVs available for family and commuter vehicles. This will be a monumental step toward ending our dependence on foreign oil.’

Grove's office did not outline plan specifics or detail when the committee planned on considering the bill.

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