Partnership Aimed at Aftermarket CNG Conversions for MD and HD Vehicles


Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. is partnering with ZHRO Solutions LLC to develop compressed natural gas (CNG) storage and fuel delivery systems for the medium- and heavy-duty fleet vehicle aftermarket conversion market.

Quantum will engineer and develop fuel delivery modules and integrate its high-capacity Q-Lite natural gas vehicle storage systems with ZHRO's natural gas injection/engine conversion system. Once the product platform is developed, Quantum will serve as ZHRO's exclusive production supplier for fuel system components.

‘We believe our partnership with ZHRO could be a game changer for accelerating adoption of natural gas systems by aftermarket fleets,’ says Brian Olson, president and CEO of Quantum.

‘Conditions are right for a large number of high-mileage fleets to soon begin converting to natural gas, as innovative refueling solutions and validated high-performance conversion kits become available, and financing and servicing infrastructure are put into place,’ adds John Madrigal, chief operating officer of ZHRO Solutions.

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