Ozinga Bros. Adds to LD CNG Fleet with AGA-Equipped GMC Terrains


Chicago-based concrete and energy company Ozinga Bros. Inc. has added a second compressed natural gas (CNG) GMC Terrain SUV to its corporate fleet, which already includes more than 100 CNG-powered heavy-duty concrete mixer trucks and many light-duty bi-fuel CNG vehicles.

Auto and truck repair and natural gas fuel system conversion company Advanced V-Tech performed the bi-fuel CNG upfits on Ozinga's new Terrains. The EPA-certified CNG systems were provided by AGA Systems Inc.

‘AGA Systems provides excellent natural gas fuel systems expertly tuned to GM vehicle systems,’ says Ron Sheble, vice president and co-owner of Advanced VTech. ‘The economic and environmental value presented by CNG as a vehicle fuel is gaining the attention of best-in-class industry in the Chicago area.’

Ozinga is in the midst of a major CNG initiative: the conversion of 100% of its fleet to natural gas by 2020.

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