Oregon Transportation Services Fleet Making Switch to Propane Autogas


Willamette Valley Transport, a medical transit services company based in Salem, Ore., is in the process of converting 10 vans to run on propane autogas and is installing propane refueling infrastructure in partnership with Blue Star Gas.

So far, Willamette Valley Transport has converted three Chevy Express 3500 vans and two Ford E-250s. These vehicles travel 25,000 to 30,000 miles annually and serve Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties in Oregon. The organization expects to save about $36,000 annually on fuel costs once the 10 vans are converted to autogas – plus an additional $16,800 with the recently extended federal alt-fuels excise tax credit.

‘Our customers depend on us for reliable service for their medical transportation needs, so we wanted a fuel that offered high performance at a lower cost than gasoline,’ says Timothy McClain, owner of Willamette Valley Transport. ‘Switching vans to propane autogas with the help of Blue Star Gas has been a great experience.’

Blue Star Gas is a part of the Alliance AutoGas network, focusing on propane conversions and refueling needs for fleets on the West Coast. The company operates autogas fueling locations in Portland, Salem and McMinnville, Ore.

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