Oregon Natural Gas Utility Gets the OK to Provide CNG Service


The Public Utility Commission of Oregon (OPUC) has approved Northwest Natural Gas Co.'s (NW Natural) request for a tariff that will enable the company to offer a service to install, own and maintain gas-compression equipment at business locations of customers who want to fuel their fleets with compressed natural gas (CNG).

NW Natural filed the tariff with the OPUC in June after receiving requests from businesses interested in switching to or expanding the number of fleet vehicles fueled by natural gas.

OPUC says it will review the tariff in two years, after assessing the development of the market.

‘Our next steps will be to work with interested customers operating vehicle fleets to help them through the process and understand the service option that NW Natural can now provide,’ says Barbara Summers, the company's director of business development.

NW Natural says customers that sign up for the service will pay for all of the costs associated with providing this service; the costs will not be spread to NW Natural's other rate payers.

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