OPW Adds Direct Pump Control for Gasboy Dispensers


OPW says it has added a direct pump control (DPC) interface for several Gasboy dispensers that enables commercial fuel sites to lower the equipment costs associated with traditional pump control technologies.

Now available for four Gasboy dispenser models, OPW's DPC uses a serial communication line to directly communicate with OPW's FSC3000 fuel site controller. Through ‘daisy chaining,’ the serial communication line pares the necessary wiring to just two wires.

In addition, OPW says a commercial fuel site utilizing a traditional pump control module (PCM) requires a PCM for every two hoses being controlled; meanwhile, the company claims the DPC utilizes one interface to control up to 16 single- or dual-sided dispensers.

OPW's DPC is available for the following Gasboy dispensers: Gasboy Atlas E85 and Alternative Fuels Fleet Fuel Dispensers, Atlas 9800K Commercial Series Dispenser, ASTRA Series 9820Q Electronic Commercial Pump, and Atlas Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispenser for Fleet Fueling.

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