Oklahoma Regulator OKs Rebates For Natural Gas Vehicles And Fueling Infrastructure


The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) has approved a program that offers rebates for the purchase of natural gas vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG), for CNG conversions and for the purchase of residential CNG fueling systems.

Rebates are $2,500 for dedicated NGVs, $1,500 for dual-fuel NGVs, and $2,500 for systems that accommodate NGV refueling at residences. The program is limited to three rebates per customer, per calendar year. Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) will administer the rebates, but the money is being made available to all Oklahoma residents.

‘While CNG is a great buy at the pump – at less than half the price of gasoline – the
higher initial price of buying a CNG vehicle or converting an existing vehicle can be an issue,’ commented OCC Commissioner Patrice Douglas. ‘This program will allow many more Oklahomans to consider a CNG vehicle.’

The OCC notes that the program will be funded through a $0.25/gallon-equivalent surcharge at ONG's 25 public-access CNG fueling facilities.

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