Oerlikon, Continental Turn Attention Toward Electric Drivetrains


Swiss industrial technology firm Oerlikon is working with Continental, a global automotive supplier, to develop drivetrains for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid EVs.

Oerlikon Graziano SpA, which has a background in high-performance transmissions, will be partnering with Continental's powertrain division to improve the overall energy efficiency of EV drivetrains. Oerlikon says this can be achieved through the ‘integrated optimization of both the mechanical and the electrical paths.’

‘Electric drive is a field where integrated system-level optimization is the only way to offer significantly improved customer benefits. And that is precisely what this cooperation is all about,’ says Continental's Ralf Schmid.

The companies say the agreement covers both development and marketing of these integrated motor and transmission systems. For its part, Continental will also draw from its SK Continental E-motion joint venture company, which designs and manufactures lithium-ion-based battery technologies.

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