Obama Admin. Launches Electric-Vehicle Pilot Program


President Obama has issued a presidential memorandum directing agencies to implement a plan that will require the federal government to purchase 100% alternative-fuel vehicles by 2015. In conjunction with the memorandum, the General Services Administration (GSA) has launched a pilot project to incorporate electric vehicles and technologies into the federal fleet. As part of this initiative, the GSA has announced its initial purchase of more than 100 electric vehicles for a pilot project.

These vehicles will be leased to 20 agencies, including the Department of Energy, and will be located in Washington, D.C.; Detroit; Los Angeles; San Diego; and San Francisco. The GSA will also coordinate with these agencies to establish necessary infrastructure for fueling and recharging at the federal building locations that are to receive the first round of vehicles.

Under the memorandum, Obama specifically directs the agencies to develop practices that would move the federal government to purchase 100% alternative-fuel passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks by 2015; develop and implement a methodology for agencies to determine their optimal fleet size and provide agencies with recommendations for alternative-fuel-vehicle acquisition and fleet optimization; and establish a goal for the size and composition of the federal fleet and a plan to achieve this target by 2015.

After a competitive bid process, the GSA awarded contracts to Chevrolet, Nissan and Think City vehicles. These vehicles will be eligible for the initial purchase, and as the pilot progresses, other companies may bid to become eligible for future purchases.

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