Nissan, Sumitomo Unveiling Electric Vehicle Quick Charger For The U.S. Market


Nissan North America Inc. (NNA) and Sumitomo Corp. say they are releasing in the U.S. market a DC quick charger for electric vehicles, with initial installations planned for early 2012.

The new charger can support all plug-in vehicles capable of quick charging on the CHAdeMO standard, including the Nissan LEAF, which is available to U.S. consumers and equipped with an on-board quick-charging port. The starting price will be $9,900, which the companies say is about a third of the cost of models available on the global market today.

The quick charger will come in two different models: a version for indoor use, designed to help accommodate fleets such as daily rental cars; and an outdoor model, which is specifically designed for public and commercial charging uses, such as public spaces, corporate campuses and retail centers.

Nissan and Sumitomo are currently taking pre-orders for the charger, with an online ordering system launching in January 2012. AeroVironment will help manage installation and distribution.

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