New DOE Funds Supporting R&D For Hydrogen Transportation Fuels


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is mobilizing $1 million in new funding in order to spur technological advancements related to hydrogen transportation fuel. The DOE's stated goal is to see hydrogen at less than $4 per gasoline gallon equivalent by 2020.

The projects that will be selected through this program will help identify cost-effective and efficient materials and processes to produce hydrogen from renewable energy sources and natural gas, according to the DOE. The projects will also analyze production and delivery technologies to identify key technical challenges and priorities and continue to evaluate technical progress and hydrogen cost status.

This effort will include annual analyses of key technology challenges using the DOE's Hydrogen Analysis (H2A) models, in addition to other industry tools. This work will help determine cost and performance improvements resulting from technology advancements, illustrate cost estimate ranges, and identify areas for further cost reductions.

The analyses will focus on a range of methods for producing hydrogen fuel, which could include: distributed production of hydrogen from biomass-derived renewable liquids; distributed, semi-central and central water electrolysis; solar high-temperature water splitting; photoelectrochemical water splitting; and large-scale central hydrogen production through photolytic, fermentation, and microbial electrolysis.

For more information, click HERE.

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