New DOE Funds Being Funneled Toward Advanced Transportation Technologies


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has mobilized more than $55 million to support 31 new R&D projects in the advanced transportation sector.

The majority of these projects – the full list of which can be accessed here – are tied to the Obama administration's EV Everywhere Grand Challenge: a long-term plan designed to help make plug-in electric vehicles more prevalent by 2022. A number of projects are also specifically geared toward improving the fuel efficiency of passenger vehicles and commercial trucks through various technological advancements.

‘Investments in the next generation of vehicle technologies will both strengthen our economy and lead to a more fuel efficient, clean energy future,’ says DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz. ‘Improving vehicle efficiency is instrumental to establishing a 21st century transportation sector that creates jobs as well as protects future generations from harmful carbon emissions.’

The 19 projects that are a part of the EV Everywhere Grand Challenge are focused primarily on reducing the cost and improving the performance of key plug-in EV components, such as energy-storage materials and semiconductors. The dozen fuel-efficiency projects will explore areas such as dual-fuel/bi-fuel technologies; new engine and powertrain systems; and advanced lubricants and coatings.

Project leaders include Chrysler, Ford, Eaton, Clean Air Power, Ricardo and others.

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