NAFA Designs Program Aimed At Bolstering Fleet Managers


NAFA, the largest association in the U.S. serving the fleet management sector, has unveiled its Beyond Fleet program – an initiative designed to ‘promote and advance the fleet management position.’

‘The Beyond Fleet campaign will emphasize the value of a fleet manager's expertise and show how their duties go far beyond general fleet responsibilities,’ says Douglas Weichman, president of NAFA.

Through the Beyond Fleet campaign, NAFA says it will ‘gain executive-level recognition for fleet managers, educate fleet managers on their value and worth to their employers, and equip fleet managers with the tools they need to sell and promote themselves to their employers.’

NAFA notes that a number of online tools, available HERE, offer fleet managers presentations and template letters that they can use to better communicate the range of responsibilities – from vehicle and fuel management to the creation of policies and procedures – that they oversee.

‘From print advertising to radio spots, videos, social media and even music, our message will be clear, concise and to the point,’ says Phillip Russo, executive director of NAFA.

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