MTS to Provide Tire Testing Systems to Global Manufacturer


MTS Systems Corp., a global supplier of advanced test systems, motion simulators and precision sensors, says it will provide two state-of-the-art tire testing systems to a global tire manufacturer to help optimize designs for electric and fuel-efficient vehicles. 

The contract is valued at $7 million, underscoring MTS’ continued focus to expand its presence in key global markets. 

“Environmental sustainability initiatives are driving rapid changes across all industries, and MTS is committed to supporting the development of more energy-efficient products and solutions,” says Randy J. Martinez, interim president and CEO of MTS Systems. “MTS is pleased to provide test systems that will help this customer meet new testing standards and tire fuel-efficiency rating requirements. As the automotive industry sharpens its focus on fuel-efficiency, MTS’ innovative test systems and technologies will continue to help manufacturers accelerate electric vehicle (EV) development and improve the energy-efficiency of all vehicles.”

Battery weight makes EVs heavier than internal combustion engine vehicles, and this extra weight puts more loading forces on the tires. The MTS Flat-Trac CT Plus Tire Testing System will test a tire’s performance up to its limits and can replicate the increased cornering loads and higher braking forces of EVs. Unlike other tire test systems, the CT Plus can provide the forces needed to accurately evaluate tire performance for electric as well as conventional vehicles.

Due to an increased interest in developing fuel-efficient vehicles, the automotive industry is looking for ways to mitigate energy loss from tires. For both gas-powered and EVs, the optimal tire design can significantly lower energy consumption and operating costs. Better tires will also reduce battery wear and increase EV range. The MTS Tire Rolling Resistance Measurement System will help this tire manufacturer minimize tire rolling resistance to improve vehicle fuel economy.

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