MSA Debuts New Gas Monitor for CNG Stations, Maintenance Facilities


MSA, a global developer and manufacturer of safety products for multiple industries, has introduced its PrimaX IR Combustible Gas Monitor, which offers advanced gas-monitoring capabilities in compressed natural gas (CNG) and other gaseous-fuel stations and maintenance facilities.

The product, which is certified to SIL-2 (Safety Integrity Level) standards, features a unique environmental guard with a patented clamshell design that provides convenient installation in tight locations. It also offers maximized optics to ensure an uninterrupted signal.

The monitor is contained in a 316 stainless-steel, explosion-proof enclosure, and all models of the monitor have common electronics and software. Optional features include a metal shield capable of protecting the monitor from direct sunlight; duct-mount capability in order to position the product inside duct work with the means to calibrate the monitor without removing it from ducting; steel mesh capable of keeping insects from entering the infrared path; a HART junction box for hand-held controllers; and more.

MSA additionally notes that PrimaX IR Dual Source redundancy complements the gas monitor to maintain gas monitoring even if a source failure occurs.

For more information about MSA's PrimaX IR products, click here and search keyword ‘PrimaX IR.’

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