Millions in New Funding Targeted to Clean Vehicle Rebates in California


The California Energy Commission is expanding the state's alternative fuel vehicle incentives portfolio with $4.5 million in new funding to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.

These rebates support purchases of light-duty zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs) and light-duty plug-in hybrid EVs. The California Center for Sustainable Energy administers the program, which has issued about 18,000 rebates totaling $41 million to date.

‘This award will make clean-energy vehicles more affordable for all Californians,’ says California Energy Commission Chairman Robert B. Weisenmiller. ‘Additionally, it builds on a productive partnership of public agencies to help make substantial progress toward a future of clean, sustainable transportation.’

In March 2012, California Gov. Jerry Brown implemented an executive order calling for the rapid commercialization of zero-emission vehicles, with a target of having 1.5 million such vehicles on California roadways by 2025.

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