Mesa’s Solid-Waste Fleet Wants Info On Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles And Refueling


The City of Mesa, Ariz., is looking for a consultant to conduct a study related to deploying compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles in its solid-waste fleet. Mesa's solid-waste management department currently uses 63 vehicles to serve approximately 117,000 customers, and the city's overall fleet totals more than 1,800 vehicles.

The study will look into the ‘financial and environmental effects’ of a solid-waste fleet conversion to CNG, as well as investigate CNG refueling needs for both the city and Mesa businesses interested in natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Mesa already has adequate high-pressure natural gas service, which the city owns and operates.

‘The study will identify potential locations of filling stations in the city's gas distribution system that could serve Mesa's solid-waste vehicles and potentially provide other local businesses with CNG fueling availability,’ says Frank McRae, the city's energy resources director.

For more information, contact Patrick Murphy at or Tara Acuna at

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