MEC Programs Issue RFI For Alternative Fuel Vehicle Procurement


The Kansas City Regional and Central Kansas Clean Cities Coalitions, programs of the Metropolitan Energy Center (MEC), have issued a request for information (RFI) for alternative fuel vehicle procurement and supporting fueling equipment.

MEC manages several federal projects that offer incentives or reimbursements to sub-awardees and occasionally must re-allocate funds under its projects. The purpose of the RFI is to solicit feedback from government agencies, commercial fleets and other alternative fuel stakeholders on issues related to the procurement of alternative fuel vehicles and supporting fueling equipment and installation. This information will help MEC design requests for proposals (RFPs) that better meet its stakeholders’ needs.

Alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and other advanced vehicles offer a number of important benefits, such as fuel diversification for energy security, environmental benefits and potential cost savings over the life of the vehicle. However, AFVs often have higher initial costs compared to conventional vehicles. Higher AFV and advanced technology vehicle prices can be attributed not only to manufacturers spreading costs over fewer vehicles but also to the complexities of marketing and supplying vehicles to meet diverse local requirements and fleet needs. This is the deployment barrier the projects seek to minimize. 

The RFI is limited to respondents whose deployments will be located in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska, and not a funding opportunity or request for proposals. MEC is not currently accepting applications.

Parties interested in filling out MEC’s alternative fuel vehicle procurement and supporting fueling equipment RFI, click here.

The questionnaire should take less than 10 minutes. Submissions are requested by Sept. 30.

Photo: MEC’s landing page

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