MEC Issues RFP for Fleet-Based Alternative Fuel Deployments


The Kansas City Regional and Central Kansas Clean Cities Coalitions, programs of Metropolitan Energy Center (MEC), have issued a request for proposals (RFP) for fleet-based alternative fuel deployments in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

This RFP is intended to support the deployment of new alternative fueling vehicles and/or stations for fleet-based deployments; and/or to build additional capacity into existing fleet alternative fueling infrastructure. 

The RFP’s goals are to increase the use and acceptance of alternatives to gasoline and diesel, to leverage business and community relationships to make such investment possible and to provide shared fueling arrangements as applicable to a specific fueling site or sites.  

MEC has allocated a maximum $1,014,377 in federal funding to support a minimum total project cost of $2,254,170.  MEC anticipates making up to 4 awards. 

The deadline for submitting proposals to the Metropolitan Energy Center is August 7. They must be submitted by e-mail to Jeff Windsor, contract specialist at the Metropolitan Energy Center, with the proposal attached; no hard copy will be accepted. 

The length of proposals is limited to 10 pages. It is expected that the selection of the winning proposer(s) will be mid-August.

Parties interested in responding to the fleet-based alternative fuel deployments RFP, click here.

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