Mainstay, Quantum Providing Back-of-Cab CNG Systems for HD Trucks


Mainstay Fuel Technologies and Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. have partnered to offer back-of-cab compressed natural gas (CNG) systems for heavy-duty trucks.

Mainstay says the partnership's initial systems will be based on its existing module designs and incorporate up to five of Quantum's 21-inch Q-Lite CNG tanks. Quantum and Mainstay will offer the back-of-cab systems based on their respective customer needs and will jointly collaborate on business development activities and new designs.

The systems will be available with the following capacities: 28 DGE, 56 DGE, 84 DGE, 112 DGE and 142 DGE.

Both companies will provide fleets with nationwide support through parts-distribution and service-center locations.

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