Luxfer Rolling Out New G-Stor Pro Compressed Natural Gas Cylinders


Luxfer Gas Cylinders has developed its G-Stor Pro alternative fuel storage cylinders, designed particularly for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle applications.

The company says these composite tanks will be available in sizes ranging from 2.4 DGE to 24 DGE at an operating pressure of 3,600 psi. The Type 3 tanks, which have outside diameters of up to 16 inches, are constructed with seamless aluminum liners wrapped with high-strength carbon fiber. The company says the ‘load-sharing liner provides an impermeable substructure for the wrapping, which creates an internal cylinder surface free from welds, joints and potential leak paths.’

‘Unlike permeable non-metallic, non-load-sharing liners, Luxfer aluminum liners present thermal dynamic characteristics that enable G-Stor Pro cylinders to be fast-filled – a significant productivity and cost benefit for busy vehicle fleets,’ the company notes.

The G-Stor Pro platform features cylinders that are manufactured at Luxfer's facilities in Riverside, Calif., and Calgary (formerly operated by Dynetek Industries).

The tanks will make their debut next week during the ACT Expo in Washington, D.C. For information about the product, call Luxfer at (800) 764-0366 or visit the company's website.

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