Luxfer, GTM Technologies Form JV to Help Move Compressed Gases


Luxfer Holdings PLC (Luxfer Group) has formed a joint venture with the owners of GTM Technologies, a division of IGX Group Inc., that will manufacture modules for the transportation and bulk storage of compressed gases such as natural gas and hydrogen.

The central components of these modules are large Type 3 aluminum-lined, carbon composite cylinders from Luxfer Gas Cylinders. They can be configured to fit all standard ISO intermodal containers that are transported by trucks, trains, barges and ships.

The same core technologies are used in the CNG tanks that Luxfer offers for integration into natural gas vehicles.

‘Although our gas transporation modules are currently more widely used to capture stranded gas and deliver large quantities of gas to industrial users, GTM bulk gas transportation trailers are a good solution to fill NGVs where a filling station is not available or a station is not large enough to meet the growing demand for NGV fuel in a particular area,’ Mark Lawday, Luxfer's alternative fuel marketing manager for North America, told NGT News.

The joint venture company will produce its tanks at GTM's facility in Tulsa, Okla.

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