LinkeDrive Claims PedalCoach App Reduces Fuel Consumption by 10%


Mobile solutions company LinkeDrive Inc. says that recent testing of its PedalCoach mobile phone application achieved a 10% increase in fuel savings and improved driver satisfaction at Boston-based Arrow Paper Co.

Arrow Paper’s fleet managers wanted to deploy an Android-based telematics solution in its truck cabs to reduce their fuel consumption. The Local 25 Teamster’s union that represents the company’s drivers required that the technology include a pay-for-performance program that would compensate Arrow’s drivers for good driving behavior.

PedalCoach leverages LinkeDrive’s cloud-based platform to provide real-time, adaptive feedback for improving fuel efficiency and safety. The solution’s proprietary algorithms set a unique fueling target for each driver – communicated in a simple red-yellow-green interface that allows drivers to earn “points” for achieving optimal behaviors and patterns. The pay-for-performance capabilities included in PedalCoach enable drivers to be financially compensated for their ability to meet pre-established goals related to performance and safety.

“We take tremendous pride in providing our customers with outstanding products coupled with the highest levels of sales, service and support,” says Scott Penna, president of Arrow Paper. “We also believe that in order to meet our goals of total customer satisfaction, we must ensure that our employees are happy and are challenged in the work that they do each day. LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach is helping us to achieve up to a 19 percent increase in MPG on our trucks while also providing incentives to our drivers for driving in a manner that saves fuel.”

“PedalCoach has made me a more engaged and positive driver,” adds Mike Scammon, a driver with Arrow Paper. “Similar in nature to how one may use a Fitbit device for tracking their exercise and weight loss, PedalCoach encourages me to drive within a range that saves fuel and increases efficiency. By following the screen’s simple-to-read gauge, I am able to quickly achieve compensation for driving well. It’s really setting up a win-win solution for everyone!”

“With PedalCoach’s patented cloud-based platform, both the driver and fleet managers are able to see driving and fuel-savings performance in real-time, so there are no surprises at the end of a driver’s long shift,” says Jeff Baer, president and CEO of LinkeDrive.

LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach application can be deployed on LinkeDrive’s Android device and also integrated easily on Android-based tablets installed within cabs. Installations take under 15 minutes per truck, allowing fleets and drivers to reap the rewards of LinkeDrive’s technology instantly. Fleets can securely access driver and truck analytics to track trends, compare drivers, assess differences in truck models, and evaluate regional and seasonal variances in performance.

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