Large Propane Autogas Deployment for Postal Fleet


U.K.-based private postal company TNT Post is converting 80 of its heavy goods vehicles (medium- and heavy-duty trucks) to run on propane via fuel systems from Prins Autogas UK.

TNT Post had completed a year-long trial run of the propane autogas technology, and the trial's data suggests that the large-scale deployment will result in annual net fuel savings between 6% and 10%. Testing of Prins' Diesel blend LPG product was performed on Renault Premium 460 trucks at the Millbrook Vehicle Test and Development Facility in Bedfordshire, U.K.

‘This is a great step forward, and we are very excited by the evidence from the trial,’ says Dean Hulse, transport director for TNT Post.

The deployment represents a shift of more than two-thirds of the company's fleet to propane.

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