Kenworth T800s Using Westport HD 15-Liter Now Have Dual-LNG-Tank Option


Kenworth Truck Co. is now offering a factory-installed option for dual liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel tanks on T800 models that run Westport HD's 15-liter GX natural gas engine.

The Kenworth T800, when equipped with the Westport GX, can be ordered in a gross combination weight (GCW) of up to 80,000 lbs. for over-the-road operation, with additional ratings exceeding 100,000 lbs. available for certain applications, the company says. For the T800, the GX engine is available in power ratings from 400 hp to 475 hp and torque ratings from 1,450 lb-ft to 1,750 lb-ft.

Each LNG cryogenic fuel tank can hold up to 60 diesel gallon equivalents (DGE) of fuel, giving a natural-gas-powered T800 – whether in a day cab or Kenworth Extended Day Cab configuration – a range of about 700 miles on a single fueling.

‘This option doubles the operating range of a typical LNG-powered Kenworth T800 equipped with a single LNG tank, making the truck a better choice for long haulers with slip-seat or drop-and-hook operations and for regional haulers whose drivers travel long distances, but still return home at the end of their shifts,’ Alan Fennimore, Kenworth's vocational marketing manager, said in a press release.

‘We suggest truck operators who are considering adopting natural gas take a closer look at their operations to determine if they truly need an additional tank,’ he added. ‘If they have enough deliveries or payloads in the additional 200 to 300 miles to justify the added cost, then they should have their LNG-powered trucks equipped with the additional fuel tank.’

Fennimore told NGT News that adding a second 120 gal. LNG tank costs approximately $40,000.

For more information from Kenworth about specing natural gas trucks, click HERE.
Photo courtesy of Kenworth Truck Co.

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