Ingevity, ANGP to Announce Plans for Adsorbed Natural Gas Tech


Along with its manufacturing coalition leader and partner, Adsorbed Natural Gas Products (ANGP), South Carolina-based Ingevity says that it will present commercialization plans for its adsorbed natural gas (ANG) technology for light- and medium-duty vehicles at the upcoming American Gas Association Operations Conference in Orlando, Fla.

Ingevity developed and manufactures Nuchar FuelSorb activated carbon monoliths that are the core of the ANG tank to be marketed by ANGP.

According to the company, ANGP is on a path to have its conformable, carbon fiber composite ANG tanks fully compliant and commercially available in 2017.

“We continue to leverage our expertise as the exclusive adsorbent provider to ANGP,” explains Brad Reed, director of business development and innovation at Ingevity. “We believe that natural gas utilities are ideally suited to be early adopters of this technology for their fleet vehicles. It will enable them to demonstrate the economics and convenience of ANG private fueling to their residential and commercial customers.”

“Plug-in electric hybrid vehicles have major weight and cost challenges related to their battery storage packs,” comments Bob Bonelli, CEO at ANGP. “Our coalition has redesigned the bi-fuel hybrid based on our ANG technology and conformable storage system. Some of the benefits include lower weight, less cost and longer life.”

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