Icom Helps Bring Propane Autogas Technology to the U.S. Market


Imega International USA LLC, a subsidiary of Italy-based alternative fuel systems company Imega SRL, will be distributing and installing its GAME propane autogas platform through Icom North America LLC's network of dealers and service providers.

‘We saw a need for a high-performing, competitively priced propane vapor sequential injection system for certain fleet sectors, and Imega has the solution,’ says Albert Venezio, chairman of Icom North America.

The GAME is a self-calibrating system, according to Imega. The system ‘receives signals from the gasoline injectors and transforms them into command signals for the autogas injectors automatically, without having to follow on-road calibration procedures.’

‘Our proprietary electronics optimize emissions and performance via OBD protocol, closely matching the OEM engine management design, which allows us to provide fleets at different levels and sectors the largest propane vehicle platform range at an affordable cost,’ explains Danilo Gardi, CEO of Imega International USA.

Icom will be working closely with Imega to attain U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certifications for the GAME system on various vehicle platforms.

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