Icom Commercializing JTGhp Liquid Propane Direct-Injection Technology


Icom North America LLC has introduced its JTGhp system – a propane autogas liquid direct-injection platform designed to lower vehicles' emissions and operating costs without compromising performance, drivability and reliability.

JTGhp uses a vehicle's original gasoline direct-injection system (the same high-pressure pump and gasoline injectors) in order to inject propane directly into the combustion chamber. The patented system runs 100% on propane and does not use gasoline for start-up. According to Icom, the switch to gasoline takes place automatically only when there is no propane in the vehicle, providing extended range.

The company says JTGhp has been integrated on over 100 different vehicle platforms in various countries and is currently installed on over 4,000 vehicles.

Click here for an infographic of the JTGhp system. For more details, contact Icom's Albert Venezio at albert@icomnorthamerica.com.

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