Icom Attains EPA Certifications For Propane Autogas Conversion Systems


Icom North America, a manufacturer of propane autogas systems for commercial and consumer vehicles, has received eight new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifications for its JTG II Propane Liquid Injection bi-fuel systems.

The new certifications cover all Ford E-Series vans, Expeditions, Crown Victorias, Lincoln Town Cars and Navigators. The EPA certifications will allow Icom to convert popular fleet vehicles in the U.S. market for autogas bi-fuel use, the company says.

Icom's JTG II system is now available for approximately 80 vehicle platforms. The company previously had been awarded 15 EPA certifications: two for Ford 6.8-liter E-Series vehicles and 13 for 2009- through 2011-model-year Ford light-duty trucks equipped with 5.4- and 4.6-liter engines.

‘Icom JTG II Systems are installed at trained vehicle up-fitters and installation centers nationally,’ says Albert Venezio, chairman of Icom. ‘Further, Icom works closely with propane fuel supply partners for propane fueling and infrastructure for fleets.’

The company notes that it soon expects to receive additional certifications for Ford vehicles, as well as for GM and Dodge vehicles. Icom has been supplying its systems to bus, truck and commercial vehicle manufacturers since 2004.

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