Honda, GM Will Initiate Co-Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies


Major global auto OEMs General Motors Co. and Honda Motor Co. say they are partnering over the long term to co-develop hydrogen fuel cell systems and hydrogen storage technologies for automotive applications.

For its part, GM launched the Project Driveway program in 2007, which has seen a fleet of 119 hydrogen-powered vehicles roll out for real-world driving conditions. Those fuel cell vehicles have logged nearly 3 million miles in the last seven year.

Honda began leasing its FCX fuel cell vehicle in 2002, and the company has thus far deployed 85 hydrogen-powered units in the U.S. and Japan. Honda will be launching its newest fuel cell vehicle in Japan and the U.S. in 2015, and then in Europe.

‘This collaboration builds upon Honda's and GM's strengths as leaders in hydrogen fuel cell technology,’ says Dan Akerson, GM's chairman and CEO. ‘We are convinced this is the best way to develop this important technology.’

GM and Honda say a central aspect of their partnership will focus on working with other stakeholders to improve hydrogen refueling infrastructure, which is ‘critical for the long-term viability and consumer acceptance of fuel cell vehicles.’

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