Hexagon Lincoln, OMB Offering New CNG Valve


Hexagon Lincoln says it is introducing the Miami compressed natural gas (CNG) tank solenoid valve from OMB Saleri into its product portfolio in order to better serve the CNG system requirements of heavy-duty trucks. The companies worked together on the product development specifically for Class 8 applications in North America.

‘Large-capacity cylinders and fast filling capability are critical in this environment, and these are specifically the areas where the OMB Miami valve shines,’ says Chet Dawes, vice president of CNG automotive products at Hexagon Lincoln. ‘This new valve helps to improve performance in CNG filling while offering a safety advantage over manually operated valves.’

Previously, electric-actuated valves were generally not considered viable for this market due to cylinder volume and filling speeds, the companies say. With this new product offering, filling speeds are not negatively affected by the added safety of an electric solenoid valve.

The Miami valve's maximum working pressure is 260 bar, and its working temperature range is -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C. It features an excess flow valve, manual security tap and gas pipe-away safety port. A burst disk for the valve is optional equipment.

Hexagon Lincoln, developer of the TUFFSHELL line of CNG tanks, is based in Lincoln, Neb.

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