Hexagon Debuts Type 4 CNG Tank for Refuse and Transit Market


Nebraska-based Hexagon Lincoln Inc., a subsidiary of Hexagon Composites, has introduced its all-carbon, 16-inch-diameter, Type 4 compressed natural gas (CNG) pressure vessel for the transit bus and refuse market. The company debuted the new tank in Denver last week at the North American Natural Gas Vehicle Conference and Expo.

According to Hexagon, the new tanks are its highest gas capacity and lightest weight tanks for this market to date. The company claims the tanks are 70% lighter than steel and have a polymer liner that is corrosion free.

‘In the race to be the lightest tank on the market, our engineers have never sacrificed durability for weight,’ says Chet Dawes, vice president of CNG automotive products.

Norway-based Hexagon Composites also marked its 52nd anniversary at the conference, celebrating its long history as a manufacturer of Type 4 pressure vessels.

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