Heavy-Duty Truck Fleets To Take Delivery Of APG Dual-Fuel Natural Gas Systems


American Power Group Inc. (APG) says it has received orders totaling more than $500,000 from certified dealers for its V5000 Turbocharged Natural Gas dual-fuel system.

The dealers will install APG's platform on 42 heavy-duty trucks and distribute the vehicles to more than 30 prospective customers, who will ‘evaluate the costs savings and benefits’ of the system, the company says. Eighteen V5000s were shipped last month, and the remainder are set to be delivered within the next three months.

‘The 42 trucks in this most recent order will be evaluated by fleet owners who operate fleets ranging from hundreds to thousands of trucks,’ says Lyle Jensen, American Power Group Corp. president and CEO. ‘Because the units ordered encompass both CNG and LNG configurations, we are looking forward to receiving important feedback from fleet operators who return to a home base daily, as well as long-haul routes.’

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