Heavy-Duty Fleet Adopting Dual-Fuel LNG Tractors


Asda Logistics Services (ALS), the fleet division of major U.K.-based food services company and retailer Asda, is deploying 50 dual-fuel Volvo FM tractors that run on diesel and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

These trucks will operate out of Asda's distribution center in Avonmouth, England. That center will also host dedicated LNG refueling infrastructure, which Asda is building in partnership with BOC, a Linde Group company.

‘Volvo Trucks has partnered with Asda on transport solutions for many years, and we are very pleased to be working closely together now to help Asda Logistics Services continue to reduce the environmental impact of its transport fleet,’ says Arne Knaben, Volvo Trucks' managing director in the U.K.

Volvo notes that in addition to the cost savings associated with LNG, Asda can expect an overall reduction in CO2 emissions of about 10%.

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